4 Fatal Mistakes to Avoid When Writing Blog Articles

Many bloggers experience mistakes when writing articles. Including beginner bloggers like me. Errors when writing article posts can indeed have a negative impact on our blog and the posts themselves. One of them is not getting a good position on the search engines, and the worst is missing from the search engines. This will adversely affect the blog traffic itself.

Loss of position may be tricked by editing existing articles or images. However, if it is lost from the search engine, the problem is different. Therefore it is better if you as a blogger especially beginner bloggers like me always pay attention to whether or not it is good, and whether or not the post is published immediately.

Writing blog articles is not the same as writing a diary book or diary. There are several rules for writing blog articles to make them look neat and good whether it’s according to readers or search engines.

There are four fatal errors that you need to avoid when writing blog articles, these errors include:

1. Title of the article is less interesting

Less interesting article titles will have an adverse impact on the content of the article itself. Although the report contains good writing, if the claim is not unusual, it certainly will not make visitors interested in reading it. Because the beginning of what the visitor reads is the title of the article itself.

When they search for information using Google and enter the keywords they want to search for, such as “data recovery Malaysia,” search results will appear. Moreover, it is not possible for all search results to be read. Of course, they will read one of the search results, especially those in the top position or at least in the top 3-5 positions, and even then they certainly choose the most interesting titles. The title of the article is like a crown. So from that make the title as creative as possible. Use more provocative formats, for example by using question sentences. For example, “data center management,” “disaster recovery,” and others.

2. Not Consistent / Routine Writing Only Early “

Many bloggers who routinely write at the beginning to increase blog traffic, which in the end cannot produce content anymore on the website page. This will make visitors leave your website page.

Therefore you should be diligent in writing every day or at least make a writing schedule at least three times a week so that your website is not left behind by visitors.

3. “Too Long and Not Sub Title”

Most bloggers assume that writing a blog article that is too long will make it easier for readers to understand the purpose of the article written without being accompanied by subtitles. This will make the reader become bored and reluctant to linger to finish. Therefore make the article as simple as possible accompanied by subtitles and explanations that are brief but easy to understand and give a picture to make it easier for the reader to understand the essence and meaning of the article you are writing.

4. “Copy Paste”

This is what you need to watch out for. Tracing/copying pasting posts from other people’s webs are exactly a fatal error that must be avoided.

Actually, you can copy and paste the writing of someone else, but copy pastes this in the sense of rewriting the book of someone else with disabilities you should be able to process and provide clear descriptions and also differ according to your point of view.

Copy paste/copies are often done by a blogger to fulfill the article writing on his blog page. This is undoubtedly a fatal mistake that should not be done because we don’t respect other people’s writings. So from that write an article with your style and writing from the heart will produce better copy. Because what you write describes your character.