A Complete Guide about Front Page Hosting India

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Microsoft FrontPage used to be a simple to use application allowing web hosting users to create sites with rich content without taking help from professional website developers. Today, this application is no more supported by Microsoft; however, still many hosting companies offer services that support Microsoft FrontPage and FrontPage extensions. After ‘Microsoft FrontPage’, Microsoft has introduced many easy to use successors to this application like Microsoft Expression Web and Microsoft Web Matrix. Both applications are simple to use and allow users to create Web pages and design professional feature-rich websites.

The Most Affordable FrontPage Host!

Hosting Raja’s specialty is affordable hosting services like FrontPage Hosting. We have a commitment to make sure that all people are able to host the website with useful features. Front Page Hosting India comes with a variety of free software installations in order to help you set up your website very easily in the Control Panel. The extension of Microsoft FrontPage can be installed effortlessly from any cPanel. Hosting Raja provides economical FrontPage Web Hosting options that save your money and time.

We provide complete compatibility with the most recent version of Microsoft FrontPage Extensions (compatible with Linux). All our hosting service plans are optimized for FrontPage hosting allowing clients to install a connection linking your Microsoft FrontPage and web hosting account.

Why Should You Choose Us For Your FrontPage Web Hosting?

Our company has vast experience and knowledge in providing outstanding FrontPage hosting support for our clients. No matter what your budget is, when you choose FrontPage Hosting with Hosting Raja, you get dependable website hosting services  for your website. We are known for a guaranteed 99.9% uptime rate. Our competitors charge you much more than we do.

 Choose from a wide selection of easy to install scripts through the Control Panel. You will not get this easy and low priced FrontPage website online other than us.

We have satisfied thousands of clients over the years with the lowest-priced and dependable FrontPage Hosting Solutions. We understand that it requires extremely reliable and expert support to get the maximum from your FrontPage Web Space and here we play an important role by being one of the best Low-Cost FrontPage Hosting service companies. With us, you get the complete support of the expert team, 24x7x365. You benefit from FrontPage hosting services that come at your budget price and great features, and with a 99.9% Uptime Guarantee, No-Risk Money-Back Guarantee – just compare our service with others and you will realize that why we are the best!

Even though Microsoft discontinued the support and development for FrontPage since a long time, we realize that a lot of people are still using it for their website hosting and, we understand that it will be really beneficial for our clients to incorporate the FrontPage Extensions technology with all of our hosting services.

Here are just some of the advantages of FrontPage:

  • User-friendly, foremost edge features let you generate professional Websites without the knowledge of programming.
  • Complete management tools to allow you to speedily build and keep well-organized Websites.
  • Flawless integration with present content and desktop applications like Microsoft Office etc. makes you creative right from the beginning.
  • Microsoft Office Incorporation. No other online tools offer the same level of Microsoft Office Integration that comes with FrontPage.
  • FrontPage Themes provide you with bullets, backgrounds, banners, hyperlinks and navigation bars, bestowing your website an expert and reliable appearance.
  • Regular hyperlink upkeep gives you the freedom to administer your site with no concern for broken hyperlinks.

On Hosting Raja gives you all of this at a price that you can’t believe. Host your FrontPage Website with us & benefit from the great features and comfort level that come along with our services.