Blink Tech Inc. Showcases Core technology that Turns Mobile Phones Into a Fully Automated Cameraman at CES 2022 | News

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., Jan. 7, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Blink Tech Inc., a Silicon Valley based AI startup, is revolutionizing the video recording experience as its core technology focuses on turning your mobile phone into a fully automated cameraman by leveraging AI and computer vision.

Traditionally, we use our mobile phones as the only tool and medium to capture a video recorded experience, while teams and institutions use video equipment that are often bulky and expensive. Thus, whether it is the price point, or lack of accessibility that contributes to your pain points of not being able to effortlessly capture your experiences, not to mention actually enjoying the experiences yourselves, we are here to help offer you a one-stop-shop tool that is at your fingertip to capture any experience in full automation with tailored capability to zoom in and out as well as live streaming. The video clips are then uploaded to cloud live for you to revisit with data analytics functionalities that analyze motion, speed, etc currently being built out.

We developed a smart and rotatable phone mount along with an AI app, which essentially enables smart phones automatically record sports games such as soccer or basketball games. In addition, it supports live sports game streaming over Internet and can help customers edit and analyze recorded game videos from the cloud side. To date, this is the first smart recording solution based on smart phones.

Ultimately, all consumers can leverage our product for day-to-day capturing of life moments, not just limited to sports, but capturing your families, friends, events that you attend or any other memories that you want to take charge of effortlessly and lively.

Blink Tech Inc. is based in Mount View, California consisting of a group of passionate, consumer-oriented tech entrepreneurs and industry veterans aiming to disrupt the video consumption and consumer electronics space. All core founders come from industries operating and building successful technologies and companies/teams with proven sales and fundraising history. Most importantly, at core, we are dedicated to combining our passion in sports and human experiences with cutting edge technologies that we believe will transform and benefit how we capture these exciting moments in life!

With capital raised to date from both public and private investors, we are actively building our pipelines of sales channels in both U.S. and internally. Please visit us at for more information and link to purchase our product.

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