Computer system Profession in Vocation Astrology


Astrology is no doubt a Vedic science by which one particular person can get distinct image of his lifetime if the assessment and calculations are taken into thought in ideal signifies. Accurate work probabilities are calculated by an successful astrologer by thoroughly observing kinds horoscope.

Factors accountable for personal computer profession

· Ascendant: standard bodily and mental talents of the indigenous

· 2nd dwelling: significator of larger schooling, conversation and talking

· 3rd household: distance communication and transmission

· 5th household: intelligence and competitiveness

· 7th household: small business and support sector

· 10th dwelling: principal significator of career and implies of live hood of the indigenous

· 11th dwelling: profits

· Rahu [dragon head]: significator of electronics

· Mercury: significator of calculations, accountancy,stats and mathematics

· Venus: studying, expert mathematician,

· Saturn: stands for equipment

· Jupiter: really educated, learned and, formidable

Various combination for personal computer profession

· Jupiter in trine /quadrant, Venus is potent and Mercury in the 2nd, the indigenous will undoubtedly opts for laptop or computer job

· Jupiter in trine/quadrant, possibly Venus or mercury is exalted, the native will find pc line as job

· Mars is posited in 2nd and aspected by benefice planets or Mars and moon combined in 2nd, the indigenous will get a career in laptop discipline.

· Rahu in 2nd, indicates computer education and learning

· Jupiter is impressive and influencing 3rd/4th/6th/10th properties

· Mercury and Venus connected in balanced way

Horoscope of Monthly bill Gates [28/10/1955]

Ascendant –Gemini Jupiter — 3rd residence Mars and Mercury –4th Sunshine, Venus and Saturn — 5th Rahu– 6th Moon — 10th Ketu — 12th.

· Lord of ascendant Mercury is exalted and aspecting 10th,

· Jupiter as 7th lord is aspecting 7th

· Lord of 9th [fate] Saturn is exalted and associated with Venus [the lord of 5th, indicates intellect and basic education] and Sunshine [the lord of 3rd, indicates communication and transmission].

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