May 2—Eastern Kentucky University’s Student Government Association (SGA) and the Division of Public Safety have once again partnered to introduce the next generation of mobile phone safety technology with the EKU S.A.F.E. App.

“Campus safety is always an integral core value of our institution, and we are excited to continually advance the needle of safety within our campus community,” said Gary Folckemer, EKU director of Emergency Management and Security.

“SGA is the group that originally brought the idea of a safety app to campus and spearheaded the start of such a program. As we transition to a new safety app, I think we have a unique opportunity to come together as a community to create a campus that is deeply committed to our physical and mental safety,” said EKU student government association vice president Nick Koenig. “Before any student can achieve any sort of academic success, they must feel safe. This was the driving priority for such an initiative at EKU.”

The free personal safety app, available for download on both the Apple and Android platforms, puts various safety services at the fingertips of users:

Push Notifications — Allows users to receive emergency notifications and timely warnings sent from Public Safety via EKU Alerts, using our email alert method. (Note: Community members, who are not EKU employees or EKU students, can SMS to Opt-In for emergency notifications sent from Public Safety, using our text alert method. Be informed. Text “EKUAlerts” to 67283 (MRAVE), 226787 (CAMPUS), 78015, or 81437).

EKU News Feed — Displays recent tweets from @eku.

Emergency Contacts — Contains buttons to Call 911 if you are off the EKU Richmond Campus, Call EKU Police if you are on the Richmond Campus, chat with EKU Police via text for the deaf or hard of hearing, or when it is not safe for you to speak. Emergency Call checks your physical location and determines that if you are inside the campus geofence, your call goes to EKU Police, and if you are outside the campus geofence, your call goes to 911 for help. (Note: The app is most efficient if the user enables their phone location services while using the app.)

Mobile BlueLight — Contains a button that simultaneously sends your location to EKU Police and makes a phone call to EKU Police. EKU Police can receive your location in real-time on their Dashboard, and they can speak with you on the phone.

Friend Walk — Allows you to send your location in real-time to a friend so they can watch you as you walk to your destination. It also has options to contact the EKU Police and request a safety escort on the Richmond Campus.

WorkAlone — Allows you to start a session with either a personal contact, anywhere or with Public Safety, if you are on the Richmond Campus. This feature will automatically check in on you while working or studying alone and can automatically trigger a call to your personal contact, or Public Safety, if you fail to check-in at the allotted time or if you press the emergency button.

Report a Tip — Allows you to report tips on various topics and gives you the option of attaching a photo or video. The tips are automatically routed to the appropriate offices.

Health & Safety Toolbox — Has options to contact the EKU Police, the Counselling Center, Student Health Services, and Student Accessibility Office.

Campus Maps — Provides access to a Parking Map, Enhanced Shelter In Place Buildings, and Evacuation Assembly Areas.

Emergency Plans — Contains the University’s planned response to emergencies. This is the content of the University Emergency Action Plan, and it provides crucial information about what you can do to protect yourself if an emergency does occur.