How Mobile Operators Lure 5G Consumers

Mobile providers continue to roll out applications and media that promote to consumers the benefits of 5G, explaining how the technology can improve many activities in their daily lives. By providing concrete examples, the mobile providers are showing consumers why they should upgrade their devices and plans to add 5G and unlimited data.

AT&T is offering new and existing 5G customers free trials of artificial intelligence (AI)-based games for mobile devices, adding that the offer enables gamers to see that 5G’s speed and rapid response times provide a smooth gaming experience on a phone, according to a press release.

The company has partnered with NVIDIA to provide six-month GeForce NOW Priority membership. AT&T noted in the release that cloud gaming has a lot going on behind the scenes and requires a fast, reliable network if it is to work without buffering or dropped connections.

“NVIDIA is the latest leader that has tapped AT&T 5G to turn cloud gaming up a notch because we supply the power, speed and responsiveness you need when mobile,” AT&T Executive Vice President and General Manager of Partnerships and 5G Ecosystem Development David Christopher said in the release. “These collaborations give us the insight and expertise to deliver gaming at its best as we optimize our network today and for what’s to come in the future.”

This partnership follows AT&T’s recent launch of Warp Speed Worm, a multiplayer, interactive video calling game that employs augmented reality (AR) effects and can be played on Messenger and Instagram. That mobile game is one that “our fast, reliable, secure 5G was made for,” AT&T said.

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5G Is ‘Changing the Game’

In a similar drive to highlight to consumers the value 5G provides beyond their existing devices and plans, Verizon developed a YouTube show designed to showcase the capabilities of 5G, according to a press release. Dubbed the “5G Ultra Show,” it is hosted by Elizabeth Banks and features several other celebrities providing examples of how they use 5G.

“Today, we want you to walk away with a far more practical understanding on how 5G Ultra Wideband will improve your daily life,” Verizon Chairman and CEO Hans Vestberg said when introducing the show.

The 37-minute “5G Ultra Show” provides many examples of what the capabilities of 5G deliver in specific applications. For example, in crowded public spaces, such as stadiums that may include thousands of people using their mobile devices, it provides better connections.

When downloading and uploading large files, such as high-definition movies to a mobile device, 5G gets the job done 10 times faster than 4G. During audio and video streaming, 5G provides a seamless experience with high-definition sound and video. Compared to public WiFi, 5G is faster and safer, Verizon said. For gaming on the go, 5G lets phones deliver the same experience as consoles.

And 5G is not just for phones. When used for internet access in homes and businesses, 5G provides an additional choice of internet provider and can be installed by the user.

“As a director and producer, I’m constantly learning about how new technologies can enhance production, and having the opportunity to see how Verizon 5G Ultra Wideband is already changing the game in entertainment, music, sports, gaming and beyond has me so excited for the future of our industry,” Banks said in the release.



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