4 Link Building Research Tips to 10x Your Links


Research is an essential part of growth as it scrutinizes the process and improves the results. When it comes to research for your Link Building process, you will have to look into various factors that affect the direction and results. Link Building process is a summation of several activities and factors that make the development what it is and determine the success. You have to tune multiple factors that affect the flow of your Link Building process with a view to reach where you want to reach and make your Link Building process get along with your objectives and strategy. Otherwise, the Link Building process can get derailed and will not produce the desired results. You have to measure each item of your Link Building process for the various parameters and implement your Link Building process by correctly applying and using the various components of your Link Building process. Assume your Link Building process to be that of a travel bus that is bound for a long distance journey carrying passengers to different destinations on a vacation trip with specific timetables and deadlines.


First and foremost, the travel bus has to have its vital parameters in the best of conditions so that it doesn’t get affected on the way. Its vital parameters are its engines, perfect working condition of the vehicle, fuel level and tyres. Apart from the safety and security aspects, it has to have proper drivers who know the routes and more than that experience and skill in long distance driving. Moreover, the drivers are supposed to know the travel timetable of this particular travel plan or trip and accordingly drive the vehicle through the various destinations and safely bring back all the vacationers to the home town at the appointed date and time. In the same way, the Link Building process requires the vital things to be in control and in good condition such as strategy, the backlink URLs, list of keywords, content, required platforms and web media, team and their expertise to execute the Link Building plan.


This requires a huge amount of research of all the items and parameters involved in the Link Building process. You have to know how important the strategy is for the entire Link Building process to be successful. You have to know and find the right keywords and how to use these keywords effectively across the entire spectrum of the Link Building process so that if you don’t you overuse or underuse the keywords. Moreover, you need to have the right content writers and concept creators for your articles, blog posts, social media posts, banners, slogans to make your campaigns interesting, engaging and interactive. You have to do extensive research on your target audience and their vital parameters like their lifestyles and behaviour to understand and determine how these audiences respond to your content at different points of time and at different stages of your campaign. Not enough, you have to know and understand the various tools, platforms and ad setting formats so that you will be able to gauge how your content and ads perform with the different audience sets and in various seasons for your campaigns.


Digital Marketing is a research process and the success of your Link Building process depends on how much research you do and how you are able to employ the findings of your research in your Link Building process. Let us see how research can play a vital role in a Link Building process and make your efforts to get handsome gains and returns. In order to get the best seo packages, USA, check out here.


Goal-centric Research


Goal-centric Research is about the results you will be able to get out of your Link Building process. One approach is to use the Google keywords analyzer and forecasting tool to see how many views and clicks a set of keywords that you plan to use for your Link Building campaign is able to generate for your website and for your various content posts. You can use Google forecasting tools to see how a specific set of keywords and keyword phrases performs in a specific period for a specific budget. You can also check how a set of hashtags will be able to generate clicks and views in the microblogging site Twitter. You can use Facebook Ad Console or Facebook Ad Manager to evaluate how your ad campaigns on Facebook are going to reach, to know what the potential audience reach for your campaigns is and to get an overall idea of how many backlinks that your web page is going to receive from these types of keywords and ads marketing.


You can also see how your posts in blogs and social media get seen, interacted and what types of actions are performed on them.  You can also check the analytics of your product listings in various E-commerce platforms and websites to see how a particular product or category sells in a season and thereby you can get into a position to measure the possible sales results of particular product or class of products in different E-Commerce websites.


You can view the dashboard statistics for the past and live data of your business listings in various directories and platforms and how they are getting views and clicks through search engines and directly. Google Analytics will give the comparative data on the number of views from various audience types, locations and devices and lets you see the pattern of visits and web traffic for your various campaigns and promotions. In this Goal-based Research activity, you will have to fix your eyes on the potential success factors and check the forecasts of possible results for your Link Building campaigns. For result-oriented campaigns, buy

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Industry & Subject-centric Research


Industry and Subject-centric Research enable you to see how much traffic a particular topic or set of your industry keywords is able to generate and give an understanding of how many people could possibly visit your web pages for the particular set of topic related articles and a set of keywords.


Campaign-centric Research


Campaign-centric Research will tell you how a campaign can possibly perform given a particular period or a set of activities or a given platform or budget.


Audience-centric Research


When it comes to Audience-centric Research, you will have to know how many people are actually there in the audience criteria that you want to set your ads or posts for. Only then, you will know the total potential reach of your ads and content. Also, you have to know the consumption pattern of these audiences for various types of content and possible performance of various web platforms. All these types of insight data help you to tailor-make your content and make your content and ad distribution effectively through multiple ad programs and content outreaching platforms.


Trend or Season-centric Research


Some products need push only in specific time periods or seasons like clothing and fashion accessories, office and institutional products like school uniforms bags, children’s school books, office automation equipment, etc. As these products are bought only in certain months or seasons, you’ll have to know what the consumption pattern and volume of these products are and understand the product search, selection and ordering processes of these seasonal items.  Even for generic products, you have to analyze how various trends and seasons influence the sale and scale of purchases for undertaking appropriate Link Building activities and other advance planning for various business activities like designing, procuring, distribution and marketing.




Understanding research itself is crucial to the success of your Link Building process. For the Digital Marketer, every research is a progress. Marketing Research helps him to plan his Link Building and Digital Marketing process so that he can launch his campaigns with more precision, focussed approach and right targeting and achieve his goals effortlessly