Is Engineering Truly Creating Daily life Easier?


I grew up in the 1960’s and 70’s when there have been no computer systems, PDA’s or mobile phones. There were no microwaves, no DVD’s, no MP3 players and there were being only about 7 great stations on tv. We did not keep property and engage in movie game titles all day for the reason that there were being no movie online games to communicate of back again then. Alternatively we performed outside the house, talked to our friends on the cellphone and listened to tunes.

I was telling this to my two sons the other day and they sat there shocked as they observed this principle tricky to wrap their brain about. I suspect that I did the identical as a boy or girl when my individual dad and mom told me about their childhood and what the earth was like.

Now we are instructed that technology is here to make our lives a lot easier. The microwave assists us prepare dinner food stuff a lot quicker. The internet helps us get details more quickly and permits us to continue to be linked with mates, loved ones and small business associates. We have far more tv stations to give us far more alternatives, we have cell telephones so that we can stay in contact with every single other and we have laptop computer computers so that we can entry the net anywhere in the world.

Ok… let’s glance at that last paragraph all over again.

From wherever I’m sitting, it appears to be like all our advanced contemporary technological know-how has finished the reverse… it has designed our life crazier! It has given us significantly less time rather of more.

If you are in your twenties and thirties, consider about your parent’s childhood and what lifetime was like again then. If you are in your forties or older (like me… sigh) then believe about your possess childhood. What occurred to every person when office environment hours arrived to an conclude? What happened when people remaining get the job done and went home?

What did they do?

They rested.

They had time to consider and mirror and do a thing incredibly handful of of us do in today’s globe… they peaceful!

When I was growing up, we did not have cell phones and notebook desktops so we comfortable, went out to meal, took walks, viewed tv, listened to tunes and examine a reserve. We turned our minds off for a while and authorized it to reboot by itself.

Fashionable technological innovation has taken this away from us. As an alternative of resting when we get home from work, we work on our laptops and frequently check our PDA’s. We consider our mobile phones and answer them anywhere we are… in dining establishments, airplanes, film theaters, soccer fields, in our vehicle… just about everywhere!

When particularly do we relaxation and make it possible for our minds to transform off for a small whilst?

Modern engineering has built matters tougher. It has unleashed a monster named pressure that is creating our earth ill and worn out. It distracts us. It owns us!

Have you found the Terminator motion pictures? The a person where by devices rule the earth? Guess what? Machines rule our earth. Not in as nasty a way as the film, but they rule the earth yet. Know-how rules.

Anxiety is a awful detail that will cause some even nastier ailments, and there are no antibiotics you can take for it. Strain kills and there is only 1 get rid of for it.

You have to have to relaxation.

Not too long ago, Ron and I went to Disneyworld in Florida with our boys. We took our mobile telephones and the laptop since we wanted to test our email and voice mail whilst we were there. For some weird rationale while, the cell phones mostly stayed in the space due to the fact we saved forgetting to convey them, and we under no circumstances even turned on the notebook. Right before we knew it, we went practically an full week with no examining any of our messages. I checked them about halfway through the 7 days and returned a couple phone calls, but for the most section every little thing stayed off.

Did the world finish? Did we shed our firm? Did shoppers wander away?


We arrived home with our minds refreshed and returned the phone calls, answered the electronic mail and existence rolled on. We were being worn out of training course (have you ever finished four concept parks in four days?) but nothing occurred. Life as we know it did not close!!! As a substitute we were in a position to focus on the position at hand because we were being refreshed and relaxed.

Know-how speeds up our capacity to do things. We can exploration more rapidly, prepare dinner a lot quicker, and be in contact with other people quicker. Even so, it also leads to us to feel the need to have that we have to be in contact all the time! We experience we have to look at our e-mail at 10:00 p.m. at night, we have to reply that telephone all through meal, and we have to examine our PDA each and every hour no make a difference wherever we are.

When do you relaxation and convert your brain off?

I have an understanding of that everybody would like to move forward. I completely get that. On the other hand, in purchase to shift forward, you have to occasionally choose a couple of actions back again so that you can get a much better glimpse at where by you want to go.

So what can we do?

We can flip off the computer system right after dinner and not transform it back again on until the morning. We can switch our cell cellphone off when in a even though and allow the voice mail solution it. We can choose a walk. We can go on holiday vacation without having the laptop computer. We can even go on vacation and only check our voice mail when or twice! The environment will not likely end! People today may possibly believe you’ve got been abducted but so what? You’ll get back again in contact with them.

If you don’t relaxation and enable your overall body and brain reboot by itself, then your human body will break down. In the finish, technologies will deprive you of the legitimate high-quality of daily life since it will be sick and you will never be ready to do what you want to do.

So here is my problem…

I problem each and every and each individual a person of you examining this short article to shed your cell phone for a working day or two and see what happens. I obstacle you to convert off your computer at all-around 6 p.m. at night and not transform it back again on under any conditions until eventually the next morning for one particular 7 days. Then check out what occurs!

Anyone tells you that you want to try to eat right and get lots of exercising. Absolutely correct! Having said that, there is a third even more crucial critical to daily life… you need to have to rest!

So change your brain off for a though. Pay attention to some new music. Read through a reserve. Chat to your little ones. Go browsing. Go to a comedy display and giggle.

Cease ignoring what your body is telling you! I know that it has been urging you to sluggish down and choose a breath. Pay attention to it. It knows what it truly is undertaking.

Ample reported.

Now let us see… I am producing an report about the evils of technologies on my computer, my mobile phone is ringing upcoming to me and an e mail just arrived.

Hmmm… guess it might be time to consider a crack!

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