The iPhone shocked the world of the smartphone and gadget era

Harga Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max : Review, Spesifikasi, dan Gambar Januari 2021

For a decade, the iPhone has enlivened the competitive climate in the mobile industry. In its journey, the iPhone is predicted to become the leader of technological innovation for smartphones, aka smartphones, and now the most trending among the public is the iPhone 12 offers.

How could I not, the iPhone is the first cellphone capable of running phone calls, connecting to the internet, receiving e-mail, listening to music, and navigating with human fingers. Apple founder Steve Jobs proudly introduced the early generation iPhone on January 9, 2007, at the MacWorld event in San Francisco, United States. He said the iPhone will redefine the meaning of a mobile phone. The claim was proven true.

 The iPhone is capable of changing the entire cell phone industry. Until now, the iPhone still maintains its image as a premium, innovative, and elegantly designed product. Not infrequently the iPhone design is used as a mecca for other products. Its features often inspire smartphone vendors. During 10 years of work, the iPhone has appeared in 15 series. Following is the product evolution, as compiled by KompasTekno, Monday (9/1/2017).

Read: Cheering 10 Years Ago When the iPhone First Introduced the iPhone (2007) This cellphone caught the attention of the US public and technology lovers around the world. For the first time, the mobile phone comes with a large screen and navigation using a touch mechanism. See Photos of the 1st generation Apple iPhone.

(Apple) When Jobs demonstrated how to sweep the screen and slide it left and right, the audience who watched the iPhone launch event was amazed. However, there is a heavy price to pay to enjoy this technological innovation. The iPhone was priced quite high for the conditions at that time, namely Rp.6.6 million for the 4GB memory variant and Rp.8 million for 8GB memory. iPhone 3G (2008) Viewing Photos of iPhone 3G (Apple) As the name implies, the second-generation iPhone from Apple already supports 3G and GPS connections. The biggest improvement can be seen from the latest iOS operating system which is increasingly capable. Users can access push email and download various mobile applications in the Apple App Store application store. iPhone 3GS (2009) See Photo Illustration (Cult of Mac) Basically, the 3GS series is a 3G series that has updated several specifications. For example, a faster processor, and a camera with a higher resolution to record 480p video.