The Queen speaks to these two people the most on her smartphone

Photo credit: Pool - Getty Images

Photo credit: Pool – Getty Images

We know the Queen is all over Zoom and she’s even done her first Insta post, but apparently Her Majesty only really uses her mobile phone for two important contacts.

And only one of them is a Royal.

It’s not Kate or Wills, or even her son Prince Charles, but the family member who gets the most time with the 95-year-old is her daughter Princess Anne, according to Royal commentator Jonathan Sacerdoti in the Royally US podcast.

Unlike the old days, when the landline was probs always in use, these days the Queen has her own personal device, which he believes to be a specially-encrypted, totally unhackable Samsung mobile – which is fully charged at all times.

“Apparently, the Queen has two people who she speaks to the most on her phones,” Jonathan told podcast host Christina Garibaldi this week. “[Her phone] is said to be a Samsung packed with anti-hacker encryption by MI6 so nobody can hack into her phone.

“But the two people she phones the most is said to be her daughter Princess Anne and her racing manager John Warren.”

Warren is the son-in-law of the late Earl of Carnarvon, George Herbert, who was friends with the Queen and served as her racing manager until he died in 2001. His home was Highclere Castle in Berkshire (AKA the incredible country house used to film Downtown Abbey) and he used to oversee all of the Queen’s racing and horse breeding interests, which is now the job of John Warren. Since taking over the role 20 years ago, he’s the only person who can get through to the Queen from anywhere in the world, says Royal commentator Jonathan: “If he calls, she answers.”

Her Majesty’s chats with Princess Anne are in keeping with an even older tradition that she upheld for 50 years, whenever she was in London. Insiders previously told The Daily Mail that the Queen spoke to the Queen Mother every day from her sitting room at Buckingham Palace using the landline and now it’s her own daughter that she speaks to the most – but from a mobile, instead.

However, the Queen’s Samsung isn’t the only smart device she uses to check in. According to expert Brian Hoey, the Queen also has an iPad as well as a laptop, and the last mobile phone we knew about was “an ultra-slim model with a camera, small and light enough to fit in a pocket or handbag,” he revealed in the same Daily Mail report back in 2017.

Apparently, the piece states, the Queen’s personal assistant is in charge of keeping the royal mobile charged at all times and it’s among the most sophisticated in the world, thanks to its encryption technology.

Though technology has moved on a lot in the last four years, it’s perhaps the same device she used to post her first Instagram to their official The Royal Family account in 2019, all about her visit to London’s Science Museum. She’s clearly kept up with the times. A year later, in 2020 when the whole world got familiar with Zoom and Teams, we witnessed the Queen learning to video chat in the documentary, Anne: The Princess Royal at 70. It was a delightful moment that brought us a whole lot of mid-Covid joy.

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