This Technology is Set to Disrupt Mobile, and Your Portfolio

Another acronym, another investment opportunity.

The Action Alerts Plus team wrote that this week’s Mobile World Congress “is a trade event focused on ‘mobile’ — a term that at one point referred to simply the latest and greatest mobile phones set to hit the market later in the year.”

At one point, sure. But today, “mobile” refers to an entire industry. In fact, by some consumers’ definitions, mobile is the internet. Worldwide, more people access the internet through their phones than a desktop or laptop computer, and manufacturers envision a (very near) future where laptops and tablets effectively merge.

We’d be more skeptical, but it wasn’t long ago that most consumers couldn’t picture a world where laptops replaced desktops. Few of them own a big box computer anymore.

What does this mean for investors? These days investing in mobile and investing in technology has become a distinction without a difference. If you want a sense of where tech is going, pay attention to the mobile industry, because they make the platforms on which most new ideas will run.

Much of the focus this week was expected to be about “5G moving past smartphones, conversations about what 6G could bring, and talk of the metaverse,” the team wrote. “In terms of devices, we’re seeing new laptops from Samsung and others, new foldable smartphone models, and the latest in wearables, including one from Oppo called the Air Glass, an A/R device that clips to the side of a compatible pair of glasses.”

Get Ready For 6G

Talk of 6G, which stands for “sixth generation,” may seem premature given that networks have only just begun to brag about their buildout of fifth generation wireless (5G) systems. 

However, for many technology companies, 6G will represent a breakthrough. Their goal is to replace the wired internet (the kind we access through cable modems and similar technology) with a fully wireless cellular network. This is the key threshold for next-generation ideas like distributed computing and VR entertainment.

For investors, this makes 6G anything but premature. In fact, it’s probably exactly where your portfolio is headed.