Tips For Getting The Perfect Online Presence From Your Website Design

Nobody would be proud to show their business card for their office stationery if it wasn’t attractive. Websites not only represent businesses, the they represent the owners too. Therefore you want you design to look great. But as usual, when it comes to dealing with things on the internet, it’s not always so simple. This means that having a website that looks fantastic still isn’t enough, you have many more considerations too.

Here’s a few tips you ought to remember about website design from LinkHelpers Inc:

Sometimes Fewer Images is Best – If the website you have isn’t about photography, don’t throw so many images on it. The truth is that having lots of images causes your pages to load more slowly, and visitors hate this. A lot of them will automatically hit their back button and redo their search. A lot of the time, images aren’t necessary period. The don’t add value to the product or the service and really don’t spark conversions. It’s your content that will inform your visitors of what your offer is. But if you feel you want images there, keep it down to one or two product images or images of people giving testimonials. If you happen to have a sales letter site, then you can add you own image in order to personalize it.

Get Rid of Your Banner Too – By now we’re all used to seeing banners on websites. But banner don’t add very much value either, and hardly ever lead to making sales. Some would say that they actually lower your conversions. If you use banners, it will attract your visitors attention, and keep them away from elements that are far more important on your page. A banner will also push your headline down, and this is not good.

As Few Clicks As Possible – Nobody likes to have to click more than they have to in order to complete a task or purchase. Display your product right there on your Home page. When a visitor clicks your Buy Button, then it should take them directly to your shopping cart. But if you’re trying to generate leads, then you want to figure out if a two page or three page form will work better for you. If you have several products to offer, the you need a page where you can display them all.

The Navigational Structure – Whenever you’re in the planning stage of your website design, you should plan out the whole navigational structure of the site. This is important for you even if there are only a few pages on your website. You need for your navigational structure to be easy to understand, and easy to use. Name your pages properly, because confusing your visitors will cost you sales and leads.

When creating your own website design, keep in mind that you don’t want any usability issues whatsoever. And make sure you keep down the errors on your pages. And remember that easy navigation is what it takes for making your website a success.