Why Do You Need Fleet and Asset Tracking Solutions?

Why do you need a fleet and asset tracking solutions? Asset tracking helps you manage your fleet efficiently. It can also track employee hours and simplify the billing process. It can reduce your costs and increase your company’s efficiency. When you’re looking for a way to manage your fleet better, you’ve likely looked into fleet management software. But which one should you choose? What benefits do these solutions offer? We’ll look at the best option: CompassCom Asset Manager. We’ll also look at how mobile asset tracking solutions can help improve employee accountability.


CompassCom offers one of the best mobile asset management and fleet management solutions to businesses of all sizes. Their flagship product, CompassCom Asset Manager, provides visibility and reporting for vehicle tracking, fuel and maintenance, driver behavior, and more. It also allows for billing and dispatch of assets in real-time. Its portfolio also includes tools to manage generators, light towers, pumps, storage tanks, and more. To learn more about these solutions, visit the CompassCom website or read the CompassCom Asset Manager overview.

CompassCom Asset Manager can track mobile and fixed assets and ensure that they get to their intended jobs. Keeping track of asset location and performance improves asset utilization and efficiency and helps to ensure billing accuracy. It also provides a live tracking feature and several reports. It makes CompassCom Asset Manager the perfect asset tracking solution for any business.

CompassCom fleet management

CompassCom offers several features to support both stationary and mobile asset tracking. It offers SaaS and server-based solutions, supports more than 1000 GPS trackers, and offers an open API for customization. Customers appreciate that CompassCom’s support staff is quick to respond and provides clear communication. The company is also very responsive to queries, archived for future reference. Reviewers have found CompassCom to be an excellent solution for managing fleet operations and asset tracking.

Easy to use and time-saving

CompassCom’s fleet management solution helps create a connected team, enabling drivers and remote offices to communicate instantly. It tracks data, including braking, acceleration, and speed, enabling fleet managers to identify recurring issues and improve safety. Drivers also praise the driver portal, claiming that it is easy to use and time-saving.

Real-time insights into vehicle activity

CompassCom offers a mobile client for fleet tracking. It offers a mobile-friendly version of its fleet management software that allows users to track and manage their fleet assets, including cars and trucks. It features a monitoring unity list and real-time insights into vehicle activity. CompassCom is a cloud-based fleet management and asset tracking solution that works through a third-party vendor’s data center.

While the company offers a variety of fleet and asset tracking solutions, there are some advantages to using a single system. CompassCom fleet service software helps you manage multiple jobs from one location. It enables you to approve jobs faster and better use your dispatch screen. Moreover, its advanced routing capabilities streamline the dispatch process and ensure that all assets meet regulations. By using CompassCom fleet and asset tracking solutions, you can also increase the efficiency of your fleet.