A guide to hide/delete unwanted channels from your new LED TV

After installation of a new television set, you must have scanned all the channels available in it. You might find some of it which are of no interest to you. It might be concerned to broadcast a particular subject matter about which you may not find any interest. In addition, there might be channels broadcasted in the language that neither speak nor you understand. In such a case, by following certain steps, you can either remove or delete the unwanted channel from the list of channels available. Other than this, you can also try to rename a channel and make the list of your own depending on your interests that would just take a few minutes.  

Steps to remove channels from the guide list

Other than this, it might happen that there are some extra channels on the list that you wish to hide. This can be either duplicate channels or the ones that do not interest you. However, the steps to delete unwanted channels are enlisted in the following part of the article.

  1. Use channel settings – First, you will have to open the channel settings, and from the drop-down list, you have to select the channel that you wish to hide or delete.
  2. Open channel menu – Under the channel menu, you can choose for the live content that you wish to seer for movies or TV series from the Google Play. Do you watch movies often? If you are a regular movie watcher then you should check these movie apps for your smartphone.
  3. Select channel – In order to edit the list the channels on the LED TV set, you have to select the channel. After this, if you wish to edit the channel, you have to select the cable or antenna option from the list that comes up.
  4. Access hide or show channel option – Further, from the cable or antenna menu that comes up, you have to go to the show or hide channel option. This will further enable you to edit the list of channels, and it becomes applicable as soon as you start to flip through different channels on the television set.
  5. Edit channel list – After this, you have to open the channel list that is offered on the best LED TV online set. For every entry in the list, you will find a checkbox that you can deselect in case you wish to remove the channel from the list.  
  6. Deselect channels – After you have unchecked the box for the unwanted channel, you have to go to the back option to activate the option. In this way, you will be able to remover the unwanted channel from the list easily. Following some similar steps, you will be able to rename the name of any channel in the list.

However, you have to know about the channel settings of LED TV well so that you can access it and hide or remove the channel from the list.

Steps to hide channel

  • When you have to hide the channel, you have to start from the ‘menu’ option in the control menu of the channel.
  • From the drop-down list, you have to select the settings option.  
  • Then you have to highlight the guide option and click on ‘OK.’ This will enable you to customize the channel accordingly.
  • Now to hide a channel, you have to click on ‘highlight the guide’ option and then click on ‘OK.’ Soon after this, the check mark will get removed from the checkbox.

Following some similar steps, you can unhide the channel from the channel list. Therefore, you should know the proper steps that will guide you to delete or hide an unwanted channel from the list.