Rubber Stamping Your Way To Custom PCBs

Rubber Stamping Your Way To Custom PCBs

Numerous of us now outsource PCB production to board properties overseas, which provide significant-high-quality boards with significantly impressive turnaround occasions. You may even now brew up your very own PCB, even though, and a reader found this good previous hack from [William Hare] that may be value a look.

Forget toner transfer or marker pens — this build is all about velocity. [William] made a decision to use a rubber stamp to immediately transfer ink to a copper board that can then be etched to deliver a PCB. It’s very simple and simple plenty of. We’ve used the similar procedure for silkscreen and pad artwork, but in no way as an etch resist.

The trick is to make many rubber stamps with various circuit components, though. The genius element is that you can then assemble a PCB by simply just stamping down the several circuit parts you require. The boards will still will need to be drilled if you are performing with by way of-gap areas, but tipster [Shri] notes that the system is super helpful for making single-sided area mount boards.

We have seen some other unique methods to making PCBs at house, such as working with a 3D printer to assistance out. If you’ve got your very own ground breaking homebrew PCB hacks, be sure to drop us a line!

Thanks [Shri Hari Ram] for the idea!

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